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  Halmahera, Fantastic Investment Oportunities in Sustainable Surroundings

Factors putting the planet at risk

  • Population growth and needs

  • Excessive usage & waste of resources

  • Global Warming, Fossil fuels, Green House Gases (GHG)

  • Inadequate Water Management

  • Poverty

  • Worldwide Investment priorities will change, favoring sustainable development projects, organic food production , renewable fuels, and water management and conservation

    Sustainable development Project in Halmahera is in good shape to deal with all these issues and generate food for Japan, or the World


    Halmahera with Sustainable Renewable Energy and Development & Investment is a new project in Indonesia, where a Sea Port, an Airport, Organic Agriculture, Hospitality with Beaches Marina and Golf, Foreign Businesses, Risk Protection offers great investments with large potential and Oportunities