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  Renewable Energy  
  Halmahera, Maglev, Solar and Other Renewable Solutions

  • The company has signed a deal with Solar Panels 4 U to supply Power Generation units based on solar and wind (

  • Off the grid independent electrical generation system will be offered to meet every specific application

  • Electrical accumulators will store unused electricity to ensure reliable 24/7 energy supply

  • Solar is in the form of Photovoltaic panels

  • Wind turbines uses Magnetic levitated spindles and vertical blades for maximum efficiency.

    Capacities vary .6, 1, 2, 3, and
    5 Kwh turbines are offered


    Halmahera with Sustainable Renewable Energy and Development & Investment is a new project in Indonesia, where a Sea Port, an Airport, Organic Agriculture, Hospitality with Beaches Marina and Golf, Foreign Businesses, Risk Protection offers great investments with large potential and Oportunities